Activities in Mozambique

Mozambique in essence is still very much an untouched piece of wild heaven. A perfect balance of wildlife and excitement, there really is no other place that can offer such beauty and still keeping your heart racing. You get an abundant mish mash of activities that include everything from wild Game Viewing to just wading in the warm tranquil waters of the Indian Ocean watching ocean life pass you by.

Mozambique Resorts offers a list of the 10 top activities we recommend any traveller to the region try experience. We have included recommended venues that offer these activities to assist you in deciding which location to stay in.

Just another way Mozambique Resorts try to make your stay unforgetable.


Diving & Snorkeling

Mozambique has an international reputation for warm waters that display some of the best marine life,set in amongst the most beautiful African scenery...


Sand boarding also known as Dune boarding is the activity where you strap your feet into and board much like the one used for Snowboarding, this is obvious after you have made an amazing climb up the dune..

Horseback Riding

Horseriding on the pristine beaches of Mozambique has long been held as one of the most romantic activities available to couples retreating to paradise to unwind..


With its expansive white sandy beaches, nature at its best, Mozambique and its surrounding islands have been an attraction for the typical sun worshiper as well as the water sports enthusiast..

4x4 & Quad Biking

Arguably one of the most exhilirating methods of transport in Mozambique, quad biking and 4x4 tours offers all travellers a thrill they will never forget..

Markets & Shopping

Around the beach resorts, Mozambique crafters sell quality carvings, traditional masks made from wood, creatures made from coconut shells, soapstone and malachite trinkets..

Wildlife Viewing

Africa is world renowned for its wildlife, fauna and flora and not to mention the abundance of space for all these creatures to live together in harmony..

Ocean Cruises

Mozambique is truly blessed by having the warm Indian Ocean as its coastal tide. These warm waters breath life into the eco system and offer traveller..


Mozambique has long been held as a melting pot of African culture, the ideallic coast and beautiful scenery have been fought over and a history deeper..

Landmarks & Attractions

By its definition a landmark refers to the position of a prominent or well-known object in a particular landscape, and Mozambique offers this definition in droves...