Ocean Cruises in Mozambique

Mozambique is truly blessed by having the warm Indian Ocean as its coastal tide. These warm waters breath life into the eco system and offer traveller a multitude of ocean activities above and below. There are many forms of ocean transport from traditional Dhow to Advanced Catamaran.

The many islands of Mozambique have made water transpot an important and vital method of transport for the locals and tourists alike. Some options available to travellers include travelling down the Estuaries and witness wetland birdlife at its wildest. The usual method here is by Canoe and gives the paddler a real sense of out in the wild adventure. Another journey that may interest a traveller would be to experience Mozambique from a traditional Dhow. Let these hand crafted wooden boats whisk you away to the various islands and feel what it feels like to travel in Mozambiques ancient transport.Magical.

If thats a bit too slow paced then perhaps a Catamaran trip would bring your heart beat back up to speed. Trips take you to Beautiful corals where you get a chance to dip your body in the warm waters and relax in style.

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