Markets & Shopping in Mozambique

Around the beach resorts, Mozambique crafters sell quality carvings, traditional masks made from wood, creatures made from coconut shells, soapstone and malachite trinkets. Bargains can always be haggled for at rural markets and from roadside vendors. Pottery, original paintings and wire ornaments are also commonly found, while the northern regions of Mozambique are known for their musical wind instruments.

The Central Market offers the visitor to Mozambique almost anything their hearts could desire: fresh fruit, veggies, curios, and anything else you could possibly think of. While there are many stands inside the actual building in which the market is housed, the stands that spill out of the building form an extension of the original beyond the roof and the wares literally spill out of the gigantic, yet very beautiful, building. The Central Market is truly a hub of activity with handicrafts, basketware and carvings as well as many household items for everyday use on offer.

The people of Mozambique are friendly and are always helpful, but we advise you to please keep your belongings close and insight at all times as places like the market attract "Sticky Hands" or pickpocketers.

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