Museums in Mozambique

Mozambique has long been held as a melting pot of African culture, the ideallic coast and beautiful scenery have been fought over and a history deeper than any ocean was forged. The Portugese heritage and African roots shape a history that can be experienced at one of the many museums that showcase Mozambique past.

The main area of historic and cultural museums is definately Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. Here you will find Museums such as The National Museum of Art which has an extensive collection of paintings and sculpture by Mozambican artists. Another historic museum would include the four storey Museum Of The Revolution, which showcases the history of the Revolution in Mozambique. The works include photographs, weapons and uniforms worn at the time. A true look into where Mozambique has come from.

If that all becomes too much then go relax by the Tunduru Gardens and view a historic building that has become famous due to its unique structure and maker. The office of the Museums Department is housed in Gustave Eiffels Iron house, a 3 storey home that is made entirely of steel. Other Museums include the Money Museum, which showcases Mozambique currency history.

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