Sandboarding in Mozambique

Sand boarding also known as Dune boarding is the activity where you strap your feet into and board much like the one used for Snowboarding, this is obvious after you have made an amazing climb up the dune... You then slide down the side of the dune and try not to fall and get sand in places it is not supposed to be, but the adrenalin rush is worth it, and not to mention there are dunes perfectly sized for different people. This sport is easy enough for even your kids to do.

One of Bazaruto Island's features is its spectacular high sand dunes, which makes for exhilarating dune boarding for the entire family. Our boards require very little skill to master and can be easily handled by children as well as adults. Whizzing down a sand dune with the azure Indian Ocean around you, is one of our more thrilling experiences.

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