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Catembe Gallery Hotel is one of those hotels that make your stay worthwhile. Maputo has long been regarded as a thriving African city, and Mozambique is fast becoming a favorite amongst travelers in Southern Africa. Catembe Gallery Hotel is unique in that it’s located a little while from the city and visitors travel by ferry to the city.

The location makes for a more private stay away from the hustle-n-bustle, yet close enough to not feel isolated. Catembe Gallery Hotel is located close to a beach where it’s clean and safe. On top of that, there are different types of rooms to suit your every need. Choosing between the smaller budget conscious rooms or the ultra luxurious penthouses you’re bound to have no short comings as the staff will ensure you enjoy your stay.

Catembe Gallery Hotel also do snack baskets for that day of lounging on the beach.

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Map & Directions

To get to Catembe Gallery Hotel by car From South Africa take the N4 Toll Road Swaziland: Pass second tollgate, arrive at first circle, take right third road which will take you downtown (Baixa) Follow that road to 24 de Setembro. Get to third traffic light with highest building on left with mCell publicity, take right, follow road to the left and you will see the jetty to Catembe next to Ministry of Finance
Or by plane fly to Maputo Airport and on arrival at the airport, take a taxi to the Catembe ferry terminal.

Physical Address
Bairro Chali
Rua B 77
Catembe Bay 3230

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