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Zongoene on the Mozambiquan coast is relaxed spacious chalets where you can enjoy your dream holiday. The favorable tropical conditions in Mozambique are ideal for a get-away. Zongoene Lodge, ideally situated on the mouth of the Limpopo River is a haven for travelers, looking for that relaxing time away from home.

Zongoene Lodge has a great mix of options as to where to rest your head. Chalets that can accommodate your party, or just a simple bedroom, Zongoene has it all. A fully functional conference center, as well as loads to do, Zongoene is the perfect choice when embarking on a Mozambican holiday. You can lounge on the beach all day, or if you wish, float downstream on the Limpopo River.

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Map & Directions

One reaches Zongoene by road from Maputo via Bilene (a small resort town) or if arriving from the North, just after Xai Xai, there is a turn off to the left to Chicumbane. You will travel on 36 km’s of sand road. During the raining season it is advisable to access the lodge in a 4-wheel drive vehicle.Turn left after the Motola toll plaza, on the outskirts of Maputo, following the signs to Xai Xai - Route EN1. Your route will lead past the main towns of: Marracuene, Manhica, Macia and Chissano. Before Xai-Xai on the main road is a big sign to Zongoene, turn right. This is approximately 192 km from Maputo on the main road at a small town called Chicumbane.On your left, you will see an electrical transformer station. Keep on the main road for approximately 35kms to the lodge. Follow Zongoene pointers at the intersections.

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